The French Loaf
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I am quite a regular at the French Loaf in Harrington road and simply love the place. I always walk in just thinking I will not pick up anything but bread, but end up with a huge bagful of goodies for home. The service is great, the staff is very friendly and the quality of their products is awesome. I only wish they had a bigger space for me to sit and unwind!
Thanks George Sakaria


I am a huge fan of all the breads at French Loaf and never fail to buy the Garlic Loaf and the Rye Bread. Both have a great texture and flavour. Among their pastries, I like the peach pie and the chocolate mousse. Places like these are few and far between…keep up the good work guys!


I think the sandwiches at French Loaf are to die for. I usually go in for the chicken mortadella, but tried their spicy mustard potato the other day and realised that even the vegetarian fillings are extremely tasty. I am disappointed though that they have stopped making the tiramisu drink. It was one of the best things they had on offer. Please bring it back!


What I like about the French Loaf at Anna Nagar is that it reminds me of a quaint coffee shop in France. The staff is extremely eager to please and I almost always have been satisfied with my buys at this place. The cookies and tarts are reasonably priced and the products are always fresh.


I have never ordered anything substantial but birthday cakes from French Loaf and I have been satisfied every single time. The best part is that they guarantee to deliver within an hour of ordering a cake and that works well for people working late or those in a hurry. My favourite flavours are chocolate fantasy and blueberry cheesecake. On the flipside, they must have improve their quality of coffee.